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Hi! I’m Samira and welcome to my site 

I’m a transformation specialist using subconscious and conscious level techniques to help individuals who are feeling Anxious, Stressed, Stuck or Sick, both men & women, and who are ready to take action and smash through their fears, blocks, low self-esteem/confidence or overcome trauma, narcissistic abuse, or stress-related illnesses.

 I catapult my clients into an empowered, purpose-driven, fulfilled life full of:

Vibrant Wellness

High-Performance Energy

Emotional Resilience 

Bulletproof Confidence & Self Esteem

 Success & Abundance, Professionally & Personally  

Freedom on all levels!


Vibrantly Infinite!

We work together to create a bespoke program suited to your specific needs & requirements,  identify the root drivers of your issues, eliminate them, create a new vision, blueprint & then execute it.

We do this using the Rapid EMPOWERED Success program which includes the subconscious level method – Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), as well as conscious level methods to provide rapid, deep, permanent transformations, creating Empowered Leaders with a winning mindset!

So Are You Ready?

=>For a life-changing


=>To become a Mindset M


=>Living Life on Your Terms

=>To become an Empowered Leader skyrocketing your personal and professional life

=>Live Free, Vibrant, Abundant

=>FREE at all levels

Our Mission

"9 million transformations across 9 cities in 9 years"

Our Services

Career & Business

Unleashing The Entrepreneur Within, Achieving Corporate Executive Success

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Personal Growth

Loving Yourself Truely, Madly, Deeply, Accelerated Learning, Overcoming Abuse/Bullying, Money Management, Relationships

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Mind - Body Wellness

Allergy Testing, Emotional Eating & Weight Management, Addictions, ADHD, Anxiety and Panic, Autoimmune Diseases, Stress Management, Unexplained Infertility

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Perfect Sport Performance

Achieving the Perfect Tennis or Golf Swing, Bikini Fitness Success, Running Fitness & Endurance Success

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Improving Self Confidence, Overcoming Bedwetting, Overcoming Nightmares, Overcoming Depression

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WhatsApp : +971562349797