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I’m Samira Alexander and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site.

I help individuals smash through their mental blocks or limiting beliefs or overcome a specific trauma in a very short period of time using Rapid Transformational Therapy and Kinesiology. It can be in as little as a 90 min session so that they can start truly living!

I really love people and extremely passionate about helping them break down whatever is holding them back so that they can move to the next level and start living a vibrant technicolour life. No one needs to be stuck for years with a particular story attached to it. They can move on! You can move on whatever difficulty that you have encountered. We, humans, are resilient and can cope with a lot more than you think and can overcome anything. I deeply believe that.

It wasn’t so long ago when I was in a very dark, dark place and would pray very hard each day that I would die from a heart attack. Life was very painful at the time and I found it difficult to cope. I have rebuilt my life since then using the modalities that I now use for my own clients. Furthermore, my life moved leaps and bounds when I finally aligned myself to my true calling, my life’s purpose of help others to transform.

Hence my mission is to help transform the lives of 9 million individuals in 9 cities in 9 years.

Why 9 million individuals? Well, 9 million is the size of a medium-sized city. If each one these individuals are empowered by their transformation then even if they can help just 4 people transform their lives then that would result in 36 million transformations which is a size a country. If then each of these empowered individuals then goes on to empower 4 individuals each then the group of empowered individuals expands further. This group will grow and grow until we reach the size of a continent and then eventually the World! 

This is my mission and my legacy. This does not come from a place of ego but from a place of love and passion to help others transform and knowing that we can all change the trajectory of our destiny and truly live the life we want and deserve and that in a relatively short period of time. So I am committed and deeply passionate about delivering this to and want that for others.

So I ask YOU! If I had a magic wand what would you want to achieve? Better relationship with your spouse or children or both? Perform better at work? Overcome fear of failure or success? Help you on your personal journey of growth and self-love? Or is it anxiety or health issues that you are confronting and need assistance in? Or do you want to finally let go of all past trauma that is no longer serving you?

Whatever it is I can help YOU!

I can help overcome the obstacles that are holding you back in life through the use of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) – Hypnosis, Kinesiology and my own creation the Rapid Freedom Technique (RFT)

Life’s too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled — so what’s holding you back? Let me help you smash through those blocks so you can achieve the destination of YOUR DREAMS

Why should you choose me? 

  • If anything I’m saying resonates with you then I’m your gal.
  • If you want someone who has had life experiences and has a real understanding where you are coming from. I have been through several challenging experiences throughout my life from Bullying, Low Self-Esteem, Weight Issues, Health Issues, Relationship Break-ups, dealing with high-Stress levels as a corporate executive and Infertility so I am better at understanding my client’s issues and how best to help them.
  • If you want results! I’m a results orientated therapist and do not want you coming to my office week after week for years so that I can milk money from you! Sadly there are some therapists who do just that.  I want you to succeed and achieve your breakthroughs as quickly as possible. I’m talking weeks and months not years!!!! If that sounds good then call me!
  • If you want someone who is honest and direct in a loving way!
  • If want to use the best therapies on the planet! Given my own journey, I spent thousands and thousands of pounds on different modalities to help me overcome my issues or the difficult periods of my life. A lot of them sadly were not effective and certainly not fast. The only two modalities that I did work for me and now for my clients are RTT – Rapid  Transformational Therapy which tackles the issues from the subconscious mind and Kinesiology that addresses the problem from a conscious level. Both Extremely powerful modalities.

If you like what you read here then book a 30 min free consultation and let’s begin your transformation. 

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Our Mission

"9 million transformations across 9 cities in 9 years"

Our Services

Career & Business

Unleashing The Entrepreneur Within, Achieving Corporate Executive Success

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Personal Growth

Loving Yourself Truely, Madly, Deeply, Accelerated Learning, Overcoming Abuse/Bullying, Money Management, Relationships

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Mind - Body Wellness

Allergy Testing, Emotional Eating & Weight Management, Addictions, ADHD, Anxiety and Panic, Autoimmune Diseases, Stress Management, Unexplained Infertility

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Perfect Sport Performance

Achieving the Perfect Tennis or Golf Swing, Bikini Fitness Success, Running Fitness & Endurance Success

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Improving Self Confidence, Overcoming Bedwetting, Overcoming Nightmares, Overcoming Depression

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