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Achieving Corporate Executive Success

  • Do you find it difficult to present in a group of people?
  • Are you finding your environment is very aggressive and toxic unable to cope with?
  • Are your stress levels continuously high, so you comfort eat as a result?
  • Do you have to learn masses of information but cant seem to remember it?
  • Do you have an over demanding and aggressive boss and you don’t how to cope?
  • Are you being bullied at work?
  • Are you a woman in a very male dominated environment and sick of mansplaining?

I can help you!

Rapid transformational therapy and kinesiology have both been very beneficial in the work place to help overcome key issues a employee in particular is facing. The process is a creative yet powerful and effective one that helps to smash thorough mental blocks and tap into the many resources that already exists within.

Once again, the uses of hypnotherapy are limited only by your imagination. Some issues will benefit from Rapid Transformational therapy alone, and others may require the additional support with the therapist in the form of coaching and even a kinesiology session. Using Kinesiology and hypnotherapy called Rapid Freedom Technique gives a two-pronged approach tackling both the subconscious and conscious mind giving great results. Both on their own given extraordinary result but combined together even better especially. My clients have made significant strides in the following areas.

  • Fearless and resilient
  • Overcoming bullying
  • Becoming assertive
  • Learning Faster
  • Presenting easily
  • Overcoming anxiety in the workplace

With just a few sessions, you will be able to apply these techniques to any area of your life you would like to improve.

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If you are not sure which service to go ahead with then you can also book 45 minutes free exploration call to discuss and we can decide together which is right for you.

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