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Millionaire Entrepreneur Mindset Mastery

  • Have you chosen the path of the entrepreneur but are feeling overwhelmed with all that goes with it and still maintain a family life?
  • Are you having to learn a lot of new skills and finding it difficult to remember?
  • Afraid of going infront of the camera or feeling nervous doing especially live social media pieces such as facebook live?

I can help you !

With the rise of the internet we are in an age where we are fortunate to be able to set up our own business online even while working fulltime or recently becoming a mother. Both the mompreneur and the 5pm to 2am club is on the rise and will continue to grow especially with companies contracting laying off 1000s and 1000s of people.

Nonetheless, the Entrepreneur journey is the road less travelled .. it’s certainly not for the faint hearted and if you do decide to choose this path then 30mins a night on a new business well I’m sorry that won’t cut it.

If you have decided to fulfil your dream of being an entrepreneur and swapping it for the corporate cubicle in the office but finding the journey tough then Rapid Transformational therapy on its own or combined with Kinesiology can most certainly help.

These disciplines are extremely powerful to help the entrepreneur smash through his or her mental block/ limiting beliefs.

Once again, the uses of hypnotherapy are limited only by your imagination. Some issues will benefit from Rapid Transformational therapy alone, and others may require the additional support with the therapist in the form of coaching and even a kinesiology session. Using Kinesiology and hypnotherapy combined known as Rapid Freedom Technique gives a two-pronged approach tackling both the subconscious and conscious mind giving great results. Both on their own given extraordinary result but combined together even better especially for personal growth.

Areas of focus

  • Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Speed reading
  • Learn Fast
  • Type Fast
  • Overcoming fear of failure
  • Overcoming fear of public speaking
  • Managing time and projects easily and effectively

Free 30 Minute Exploration Session

If you are not sure which service to go ahead with then you can also book 30 minutes free exploration call to discuss and we can decide together which is right for you.

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Cost: Absolutely Free !!

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