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  • Do you want to be in a relationship but not feeling confident in going out and meeting people?
  • Are you in a relationship and struggling with it?
  • Are you trying to get over a difficult break-up but finding it tough to move on and is impacting all other areas of your life. ?
  • Are you feeling completely lost, post-relationship break-up and fearful of what the future holds?
  • Is your self-confidence shattered?
  • Are you deeply unhappy in your relationship but can’t leave as want to stay for the kids but not sure how to cope on a day to day basis?
  • Have you and partner drifted apart and now want to rekindle the relationship again but not sure how to?

I can help you!

Relationships can be tough and especially in the modern fast pacing world where there are so many demands on us on a day to day basis. Drifting apart can easily happen if both parties are not meeting the needs of the other party.

When it comes to breaking up, all sorts of emotions are going through you from anger to rejection to depression. Your mind and body go through a state of shock and each day you wake up with this empty feeling, deep dark heavy feeling and it hurts like hell.

One goes through a sense of bereavement that at times feels unbearable and where counseling on its own I do believe does not help. I have experienced a breakup of a significant relationship first hand and I know that counseling on its own did not work for me. I created my own RTT recording to sink into my subconscious mind, which gave me peace and clarity after one session. I’ve also applied this to my clients with great results.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)  helps to take the edge off a very traumatic experience. If you have gone through a severe break-up then Rapid Freedom Technique the 30-day package is a good start as it comprises of both RTT, Kinesiology and coaching and other disciplines to help you let go of this sad time in your life and move forward powerfully. I created this program after not feeling satisfied with the support I required when I was going through the break up of my relationship. The feedback from clients has been very positive.

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